Huevos Motuleños

Meet my all time favorite breakfast.  Two years ago the Señor and I were on vacay in Isla Mujeres when we were introduced to Huevos Motuleños. Huevos Motuleños are the perfect combination of sweet and savory. You get a nice kick of spice from the chile serrano, salty goodness from the ham and sweet deliciousness from the plantains. When you combine all of these ingredients you are left with magic.
For two years now we have been reminiscing about our breakfast on that island off the Yucatan Peninsula. The breakfast that changed our lives. Okay, maybe not our lives, but it was amazing. We decided it was time to recreate that one fine dish. We pulled a recipe from Mexico: The Cookbook  and put our own spin on it. 

1. Instead of making the sauce from scratch we used El Pato tomato sauce (2 small cans of the salsa de chile fresco and 1 small can of the salsa de tomate con jalapeños). If you want your dish more spicy you can add another can of the salsa de tomate con jalapeños or add chopped chile serrano as a garnish.

2. We  switched out the ham for some Polish Kielbasa.  
So how was our version of Huevos Motuleños? Wonderful. For now it will satisfy our tastebuds until we can return once more to Isla Mujeres.  Provecho!!

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