Wedding Planning: Choosing Your Colors

We did it.  We chose our wedding colors.  Phew!  It was not easy to narrow down the choices when there are soooo many lovely combinations.  How does one choose?!  We wanted there to be meaning in every little detail, right down to our color choices.  El Señor's favorite color, like most men, is blue.  Not just any bluesapphire blue (hence my ring).   That was our starting point.  I on the other hand love color.  Lots and lots of color. Have you been to the shop? ;)  But we didn't want anything too crazy or overwhelming.  So I chose a few of my favorites and luckily they all matched quite nicely with his shade of blue.  While poking around Pinterest I kept coming up on these pics below that really spoke to me.  Not only did they have the colors that we wanted but they incorporate a lovely shade of violet that was used in my mom and dad's wedding.  Sweet! This combination of colors sets the mood for the kind of wedding we want - fun and festive, yet elegant.  What do you think?  Do these work for a November Mexa themed wedding?
Images: DrinksOutfitFlowers

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