Wedding Invitations: To DIY or Not to DIY?

96 Days to go! This week we must (MUST) get the invitations started. We've agreed on a watercolor and calligraphy style invite. Now we just need to settle on the design. Do we want a floral motif? Day of the Dead? Papel Picado? Or just nice lettering? We also need to narrow down the colors.  The problem with that is there are so many lovely color combinations. How does one choose?! Then there are the inserts, the wording, addressing of the envelopes and more. Martha Stewart Weddings website offers some really helpful articles in this department. Here are a few samples of wedding invitations that we are gravitating towards.  Tonight there may or may not be some DIYing going on over here to see if it's feasible to make our own.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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