Planning the Drink Menu

We are having lots of fun over here experimenting with potential drinks for the #Dlpchairez wedding. Being that it's Mexa themed, we know that the drink will definitely involve tequila and are all about throwing some Tajin in the mix, and of course needs to be ultra-tasty.  For this drink we just mixed fresh squeezed  limonada with Tajin, which is perfect for all ages and can quickly be made into a cocktail for adults with a splash (or two) of tequila.  These will be nice to have as the guests arrive before the backyard ceremony.  Refreshing and delicious!
Is it a sign?  I think so.  Love is in the air...  And my drink!
What else is on the drink menu?  We are super big fans of micheladas, margaritas and aguas frescas.   We'll offer savory variations of each since we are not sweet drinks kinda people.  As for name ideas? Well, let's just say a Michelada can easily be changed into a Miguelada.
Cucumber Cilantro Lemonade
Slushy Margarita
On the rocks
Clamato Michelada 
Tequila with a variety of seasonings for the rim 
Fresh limonada

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makeupObsessed said...

The tequila made my mouth water! Yum!