Day of the Dead DIY #15: Pom-Pom Waste Bin

A waste bin is an essential part of any celebration, but we know it usually isn't the prettiest part of your party decor. So for DOD DIY #15, we're taking bright, fluffy pom-poms and using them to spruce up a normally ugly looking waste-bin for a DOD party or celebration and making it accessible and fun to look at for party guests (and for that subsequent party clean-up!).

What you'll need:
-pre-made pom-poms
-a few skeins of colorful yarn (we have pink, purple, yellow, sparkly etc...)
-this tutorial for making pom-poms

What we did:

1. We created our own colorful pom-poms using different colored yarns.
2. We wrapped yarn around the handles of the waste bin.
3. Then we attached a tuft of pom-poms to each handle on the sides of the bin and attached a foam skull.

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