DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

Hi there!  We have been busy bees over here making flowers galore for our new event space.  The walls, chairs and entry way have all been decorated with a variety of paper flowers.  You can spruce up any space and event with these easy to make (and affordable!) paper flowers.  Here are 10 easy steps that we have put together for you to join in on the flower-making-magic at home:

1.  Select 5 tissue paper colors and cut 2 sheets of each color - all the same size.  For a smaller flower, use 1 sheet. Fun tip: we used both tissue and crepe paper to give the flowers some texture.  
2.  Lay the 2 sheets of each color on top of each other and fold the sheets back and forth, accordion style.  You should have 5 separate accordions.
3.  Leaving out the color that will be the outer layer, cut each tissue accordion progressively smaller than the one above it by about 1 inch.  The tissue that will be the center will be the shortest.
4.  Cut the ends of each tissue either rounded or pointed, depending if you want scalloped or pointed petals.
5.  Unfold all of your colors.
6.  Put the outermost color (which will also be the longest) on the bottom, and stack them progressively smaller.
7.  Now, fold all of the colors together accordion style.
8.  Pinch the middle and secure with wire.
9.  Fan out the petals.
10.  Starting from the center, pull and fluff up each layer. 

Here's the tutorial that inspired our flower making fun!

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