Manzanas de Tamarindo

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and if you’re looking for a treat that doesn’t involve a box of chocolates, we have a sweet alternative!
Tamarind covered apples are a delightful snack to make for friends, family, coworkers, significant others, and more. You can wrap them in colorful plastic tied with your valentine’s favorite colored ribbon and a small note.
Also, these apples are so easy to whip up, that you can use them as a quick kids’ snack when they come home from school–and it doesn’t hurt to enjoy one for yourself!

Ingredients: (makes 10)
1 box of Zumba pica Forritos (they offer tamarind and chamoy flavors)
1 8.8 oz Miguelito Powder Mix
1 regular sized bottle of Tajin Food Seasoning
10 Green apples

Microwavable bowl
Ziploc bag
Wood candy apple sticks

1. Remove stem, and stick the wooden stick into the top of the apple
2. Melt a packet of Zumba Pica Forritos in a microwave for approx.  20 seconds until it is soft enough to be able to mold onto the apple (1 packet covers 2 apples)
3. Using your hands, mold the Zumba Pica Forritos onto the apple until completely covered - be careful not to burn yourself because it will be HOT
4. Next, pour some of the Miguelito powder and Tajin powder into the Ziploc bag, mixing them together
5. Place apple inside of Ziploc bag, and twirl around in the powder until completely covered
6. Set the apple down on a flat surface to cool

Interested in purchasing some delicious tamarindo apples for Valentine's Day or your next party?  Call us at 619.544.1011 to place your order! 

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