Festive Folk Art Christmas Trees

Many of you have probably bought your Christmas trees already, but in case you haven't or need some unique tree decorating ideas, we've rounded up a few Christmas trees inspired by Mexican folk art and the like:

1. A bright Otomi inspired Christmas tree display by Anna Spiro of Absolutely Beautiful Things and artist Sue-Ching Lascelles:
2. Christmas trees full of tin, felt, and Day of the Dead ornaments, colorful paper mache hearts, and paper flowers (all available for purchase) here at Casa Artelexia:
3. Color gradient Christmas tree with an Otomi inspired tree skirt by Inspired by Charm:
4.Day of the Dead Christmas tree by Peachy Cheek:
5. Folksy Christmas Tree by The Book of Jimmy:
6.White Christmas Tree with Sombreros by Suzanne on Style:

1 comment:

Jimmy said...

Thanks for sharing our humble folksy Christmas tree! Kinda cracks me up to see it being shown off - especially since it is only three feet tall!

Love this site, by the way. Nice work.