Day of the Dead DIY #9: Sugar Skull Planters

Our 9th DoD DIY is all about upcycling those old ceramic planter pots you have lying in your house and turning them into Day of the Dead worthy decor! Plus your plants will look very nice.
What you'll need:
-a ceramic planter pot
-bright and colorful acrylic paints
-your favorite plant
-a pencil

What to do:
1. Draw your skull's face onto your ceramic pot with a pencil first.
2. Pick out colors you would like to use and begin painting your sugar skull. You can also paint over your dried planter with mod podge to give it a glossy look.
3. Plant your favorite plant inside the pot!
Join us this Saturday at Casa Artelexia, from 12-4pm, for a medley of art workshops including Paint Your Own Sugar Skull Planter!

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