Day of the Dead DIY #6: Sugar Skulls Part II

Part two of sugar skull making is the best part: decorating your sugar skull after making colorful frosting!

What you'll need:
-meringue powder
-powdered sugar
-concentrated paste food coloring
-pastry bags

What to do:
1. Mix 2/3 cups water, 1/2 cup meringue powder, and 2 pounds powdered sugar with an electric mixer until icing peaks (takes 9 minutes or so). Keep in a tightly covered container and do not refrigerate.
2. Scoop some icing into a cup and begin mixing with your food coloring.
3. Scoop your colorful icing into a pastry bag (it helps to cut the tip slightly so you can squeeze the icing into the tip while letting air out).
4. Begin "drawing" on your sugar skull with your pastry bag.
5. Use your icing as "glue" for other cool decorations like sequins, feathers, and foil!
5. Let your decorated skulls dry until the icing is hard.  Now your skulls are ready to share!
Here are some images from our sugar skull workshop on Saturday - we'll be hosting sugar skull workshops every Saturday from 12-2pm until Dia de los Muertos!

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