Day of the Dead DIY #10: DOD Diamond Pinatas

Wow, we're already at 10 DoD DIYs–only 50 more to go!

Our 10th DoD DIY is a "chic" alternative to Day of the Dead party decorating. We've taken 3d paper diamonds and created unique mini pinatas!

What you'll need:

-the pattern we've provided for creating the diamonds
-crepe paper
-plastic knife

What to do:
1.Begin by cutting out the 2d diamond shape (like the one shown above) and scoring (using the back of the plastic knife and a ruler) the lines where you will bend the shapes to create it.
2. Fold the sides to create the diamond shape and add your piece of string to the inside of the diamond before closing it completely.
3. Cute your fringe, but first cut your pieces of crepe paper in half length wise (to fit the scale of the small diamond).
4. Glue your pieces of fringe on, starting from the bottom of the diamond and working your way up.
5. We put a small white crepe paper skull on one side of our diamond and rolled up small pieces of fringe to create tiny flowers, but you can do any Day of the Dead themed design you would like.
6. Use your mini pinata as part of a goodie bag, gift, place setting, or just hang it up!

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