Grupo Habita Hotels: Maison Couturier

Within a tranquil, tropical oasis in the town of San Rafael, Veracruz, is a French colonial fruit plantation turned resort that may not resonate with your typical image of historic Mexico.
Originally a French colony founded in the 1800s, the town of San Rafael is still filled with colonial French architecture and cultural influence, and Maison Couturier resort keeps the spirit of that influence by meshing the existing French architecture of the plantation with contemporary design. Basically, you’ll be sitting in a French armchair on the veranda one moment, and relaxing underneath a banana tree near the pool the next: the perfect modern meets colonial vacation escape!
Maison Couturier is translated as “home designer”, so there’s no surprise that the resort’s nine rooms are beaming with sophisticated minimalism and touches of French design. These suites are filled with natural light and designed with stone flooring, clean, crisp bedding, and planked ceilings to create a relaxing space.
Traces of French antiquity are found all over the resort, in the dining areas, event spaces, and gardens. French furniture and signage do well for Maison Couturier’s vintage atmosphere, and the overall nostalgic feeling of the place.
The gardens of Maison Couturier are part of San Rafael’s typical agricultural landscape and are filled with banana and palm trees and other tropical foliage. After all, the resort was once an agricultural hub–not a bad place to relax!

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