Grupo Habita Hotels: La Purificadora

If you’re looking for a unique, in vogue summer escape, look into booking one of Grupo Habita’s hotels for a few nights. Located all over Mexico, Grupo Habita hotels blend contemporary design with the colonial architecture found in Mexico. So whether you’re looking for an experience that is purely modern, or a mix of the new and the traditional, Grupo Habita has a hotel that fits.

To give you a better idea of what we’re talking about we’ll be reviewing a different Grupo Habita hotel every week. Grupo Habita isn’t your average Mexican hotel chain, and even if you’re not looking for a cool getaway, these hotels provide some serious architectural eye candy for the design junkie.

La Purificadora Hotel
La Purificadora Hotel is a wonderful example of Grupo Habita design thinking. The façade of La Purificadora blends well with the colonial buildings and cobblestone streets of Puebla because the hotel is located within an actual colonial building. When you walk inside, however, you’ll find a contemporary/traditional mix of texture, color, and remnants of the original building.
Purple is definitely the color of choice at La Purificadora, and you can find it in several parts of the hotel including the courtyard seating areas, drapes, and rooms, juxtaposed against the more rustic, natural textures of the hotel–yet another example of the old mixed with the new. And even if the hotel is a modern paradise, there's still a romantic vibe you get from the fact that you're surrounded by hundreds of years of architectural history everywhere you look!
Speaking of romantic, the bedrooms are equally as enchanting as the rest of the hotel, with hardwood flooring, sleek, wooden furniture, a comfy bed and flat screen tv, and of course, those rustic details that are responsible for the charm of this hotel. But besides the atmosphere and unique design details, you can also enjoy typical leisurely activities like swimming in the hotel's above ground pool, fine dining, and exercising at the gym.

Images: LaPurificadora.com

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