San Miguel de Allende

I really want to go to San Miguel de Allende, and I want to go soon. Last time I was there was about 7 years ago when my sister and I went for the summer. I have been wanting to go back ever since. This town is truly magical. If you like art, good food, nice weather, warm people and to relax then San Miguel is a must for you to visit. I tell everyone who wants to see Mexico to go there. This is the kind of town where everyone still take a siesta and where everyone gathers in the town’s plaza on Sunday to people watch and enjoy their day off.
Here are a few facts about San Miguel:
It was founded in 1542 by a Franciscan monk, Fray Juan de San Miguel.
There is an abundance of churches, museums, foreigners, many of whom are artists.
There are more than 22 architecturally interesting buildings dating from the 16th to the 18th centuries.
San Miguel has a reputation for having the best “small town” dining in all of Mexico.
A major celebration for San Miguel Archangel is held the last Saturday of every September, it includes the running of the bulls Pamplona style through town and traditional dancers, foods and music.
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Casa de Sierra Nevada
All facts and photos courtesy of Mexico Boutique Hotels.

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