Quesadillas, It's What's for Lunch!

Mondays are my "day off" which just means working on my laptop from home.  Which also means that I tend to eat more than I typically do when I am at the shop.  And today is proving to be one of those days.  What's a girl to do but bust out the leftovers from this weekend and make herself (and her señor) some lunch.  What we came up with was really quite wonderful.  I mean like crazy-yummy-good. Quesadillas filled with kale, sweet potatoes, zucchini, mushrooms and good ol' carne asada.  Here are my easy-peasy tips and musts to make this quesadilla a success.  First, you MUST heat up the tortilla on an open flame. Secondly, I purchased my kale and sweet potato salad at Ralph's - I like to keep it on hand and toss it into pretty much everything we eat (it's healthy and yummy).  Lastly, try to use Oaxacan cheese - it's similar to a jack cheese and stringy, like string cheese!  Add guacamole and salsa and you are good to go.  Provecho!

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