We are opening a store!

If you know my father, you know that he is one determined fellow. When we decided that we were going to take our business to the next level, my dad devoted himself to finding the place. This place had to be perfect. We wanted a place with charm, sense of community, good value, a backyard and parking. He would wake up every morning at 5 am (I'm not even joking) and drive up and down every little street he could find, from Bonita to Encinitas. Finally, after days of scouring the entire San Diego area, he found it. My dad found the place that Artelexia would call home - 2419 Kettner Blvd., San Diego.
This place is going to be magical, I can already envision it. The backyard is going to be filled with flowering plants, succulents (they are my favorite), white lights galore, a fountain, talavera planters 3-4ft high, benches with brightly colored cushions, I could go on and on. The inside will be the kind of place that you can spend hours in and not even realize it. If you want to learn about Mexican culture, we'll be more than happy to share with you our knowledge and stories. And we'll be the kind of people that are always at the store and we'll give nothing less than excellent customer service. If you want something from Mexico and we don't have it, we'll find it for you. If you want something custom-made, we'll make it for you.

My dad, Andres

Interior, 1 of 5 rooms that need to be filled!!!

Keep checking back to see our remodel updates!

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