Party Favors // Toilet Paper Rolls

Who doesn't love a good party favor?!  I know I do.  They take me back to my childhood when you'd be handed a goodie bag at the end of a birthday party. I couldn't wait to see what was in mine!  They'd be filled with stickers, candy, toys, confetti and such.  They weren't ever anything fancy but it didn't matter - it was a goodie bag!!  Luckily for my guests I love to give them just as much as receiving them.  Goodie bags can be as simple or as elaborate as you want to make them.  Either way your guests will love them.

A customer reached out to us this week requesting Mexa-themed party favors for her Cinco de Mayo fiesta.  She wanted something colorful, festive and affordable.  For the vessel we decided to use toilet paper rolls.  They're free, durable and a fun alternative to bags.  We filled them with a variety of items ranging in price from $1-$10.  Most were filled with the $1 items and just a handful had the $5-$10 items.  By doing this we kept costs down and made it more exciting for her guests.  Once they were filled it was time to decorate them.  Check out how easy it is to make these toilet paper roll party favors using crepe and tissue paper!
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RAR said...

Oh good lord are these things cute!!! You amaze me, Elexia! xo Rebecca