Travel Tuesdays: Mexico City

This week's Travel Tuesday destination: North America's most populated city - Mexico City, Mexico!
The Aztecs first inhabited Mexico City, originally known as Tenochtitlan, in the 12th Century.  As a result, there are a plethora of cultural sites to visit.

The Zócalo is the main square in the city.  The Aztecs were the first to gather here.  Now, the square is the location of the City Hall, National Palace, and numerous other monuments.  It is also used for festivals and celebrations.
While at the Zócalo, be sure to stop at the Cathedral and the Templo Mayor.  The Cathedral features 16 chapels and a solid gold altar.  The Templo Mayor was the main Aztec temple.  It was covered over by the Spanish in the 1500s.  Now, the archeological dig is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and open to visitors.
Mexico City is in the Top 5 Cities for having the most museums, and there is not shortage of art to be seen here.  The Museo de Arte Moderno boasts picturesque gardens outside and permanent exhibitions of Mexican artists inside - including Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, and Manuel Álvarez Bravo.  To delve deeper into Rivera's work, make a stop at the Museo Dolores Olmedo.  For Frida fans, stop by La Casa Azul - she was born in the house, lived in it for a good portion of her life, and Rivera donated it after her death to be made into a museum.
Casa Artelexia customers are certain to love La Ciudadela - a local craft market where you can buy Huichol beadwork, hand-carved masks, pottery, leatherwork, and much more.  Don't forget to haggle!
With 20 million people, traffic jams are constant!  Luckily, the city has an extensive public transit system with metros, light rails, buses and EcoBici.  Taxis are readily available, including the adorable verditos - Volkswagen Bugs painted green. 
When you want to get away from the hubbub and traffic of the city, take a day trip to Xochimilco.  It is the only area of the city where the canals still exist, and you can take a relaxing ride around its many small islands in a gondola.

Don't forget to eat!  There are countless options - tacos al pastor, tortas, chilaquiles, pozole - be sure to bring your stretch pants! 

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