DIY Fringe Valentine's Day Planter

Valentine's Day is upon us (eek!) and everyone knows that flowers get marked up quite a bit this week. Not only are they expensive but they don't even last you more than a few days.  What's a person to do?!  My advice is to give your valentine a succulent.  Not just any succulent but one in a super cute can that's decorated by you.  What better than a handmade gift that will cost you less than $5?!  Grab a few cans from your recycle bin and add some fringe to make it festive and fun! 

Here's what you'll need:
- scissors
- glue
- streamers
- cans
- succulents

What to do: 
 1. Roll up about 2 feet of streamer
 2. Cut the streamer halfway up
 3. Begin to glue the streamer on the can starting form the bottom up.
4. Top off the rim with uncut streamer to give it a "finished" look
5. Give your decorated succulent-in-a-can to a special someone!

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