DIY Celery Stalk Roses

Who would have guessed that when the stalk of celery is cut off a perfect rose stamp would appear?! Using celery to make an adorably crafty rose print is a great way to add a creative (and budget friendly) touch to anything from brown butcher paper for wrapping gifts to entire walls as we’ve done in our bathroom at Casa Artelexia!

What you’ll need:
- Celery stalks
- Acrylic paint
What to do:
1.     Cut off the stalk of the celery, about 3 inches up from the bottom
2.     Dip the stalk into your paint, or brush it on with a paint brush
3.     Wipe off excess paint (or it may drip once stamped on the surface)
4.     Stamp firmly against surface

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Anonymous said...

That's so clever and it looks cute. -Rita B.