La Tehuana de Acero

It's not often that artists create monuments to powerful women in the form of giant steel sculptures, but we wanted to share one such piece of artwork (and one the world could use some more of!).
In the city of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, Tehuanas are known for their beautiful, elaborate forms of dress (which Frida Kahlo emulated) and their strong influence in Tehuantepec society. As a tribute to these women of Tehuantepec, sculptor Miguel Hernandez Urban created a large steel Tehuana at the entrance of the city in 2008.

The 22' high Tehuana bride wears a traditional huipil shirt and skirt of steel, and a flounce around the face to imitate the typical "pleated tulle flounce" found in Tehuana dresses. Even the details of the bride's outfit, like the steel flowers and the skirt's "lacy" trim, are reminiscent of real Tehuana dresses embroidered with flowers and embellished with lace.
The entire sculpture really is a wonderful tribute to Mexican women and Mexican craft as a whole, and if you want a better idea of just how befitting these dresses are of the Oaxacan women who wear them, Casa Artelexia has its very own Tehuana dress on display!

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