Run with Los Muertos, Friday November 1st

Fast approaching November 1st marks the beginning of fantastic Dia De Los Muertos celebrations, vigils, candlelit walks–and runs.

This year for the first time, the Run with Los Muertos 5K held throughout Coachella's historic downtown will allow Californians and people from all over to run, faces painted or in costume, to honor their passed loved ones. Devised by Mexican-American art duo The Date Farmers, Run with Los Muertos will mesh the importance and beauty of Day of the Dead with art from local artists and music.

Participants can run alone or in a group, and runner fees include limited edition t-shirts designed by the Date Farmers, and beverages. The first three finishers in each team division will win trophies, created here at Casa Artelexia (before photo):

We have two tickets to giveaway for Run with Los Muertos: leave a comment in the comments section of this blog post with who you would run for and why in order to enter our giveaway! We'll post the pictures of the finished trophies and announce the winners of the tickets on Friday the 25th.

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