Day of the Dead DIY #19: DOD Mason Jars

You've probably seen lots of glass mason jars lying around thrift and antique stores, and even new ones at the supermarket. People use them for everything from drink glasses to candleholders, and they are simply fun, iconic jars to DIY.

So we've taken mason jars and DOD DIY'd them using oil based Sharpie markers. This is a super simple DIY if you're looking for an easy DIY "fix". But this DIY isn't limited to mason jars–you can DOD DIY any other glass jars, mirrors, or the like with these pens!

What you'll need:

-Oil-based Sharpie markers
-mason jar, regular glass jar, mirror, or similar

What to do:

1. Simply "paint" your design onto your mason jar!
2. Place it in your kitchen, office, or wherever needs a bit of DOD flair.

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