Day of the Dead DIY #17: DOD Office Makeover

For DOD DIY #16, we've turned our drab, messy "office" area behind the Casa Artelexia counter into a lively Day of the Dead worthy workspace. We've DIY'd several items and reorganized, so we'll take you through the transformation!
Office Appliance Makeover:
1. We took a few of our boring office items, including a few clipboards, a tape dispenser, a stapler, and old crummy plastic folders ("before" picture not shown), and gave them a makeover:

Tape Dispenser and Stapler: we took these and spray painted them gold! It really a glam touch to our office.
Clipboards: we first spray painted these in bright colors (teal and florescent orange) and waited for them to dry. Then, we placed a doily over each of them and spray painted them in a different color.
The doilies acted as a resist, so when we took them off, you could see the doily pattern on the clipboard in the color which we originally painted the boards. You can also use old doilies (you can usually thrift these!), paper doilies, papel picado, or anything with a cool pattern!
Plastic Folders: we first used Goo Gone to get off excess stickers and goo, then spray painted them in gold. After they dried, we glued one of our paper "marigold" flowers to one folder and glued a small skull patch in the middle. We attached a few papel picado banners to the other folder, so that both folders would look very DOD.
DIY Chalkboard Calendar:
We took two blank canvases and painted them using chalkboard paint. After they dried, we cured them by rubbing chalk all over the canvases (we used the side of the chalk for this) and erasing the chalk. Afterward, the canvases were ready to be used as chalkboards, and we drew out a calendar for the month of October.

Office Makeover:
Over time, our "office" area had become an unorganized eye sore. So we revamped it, by reorganizing, adding our newly DIY'ed office tools, and making it as festive and fun as possible. We hung a colorful flower garland from a shelf, hung up our chalkboard calendar and DOD folders, and added pops of color and DOD touches here and there (we mixed some of our DIY supplies with our office supplies to mix things up a bit too):

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j. wilson said...

swoon! love all the happy colors and the clipborad diy is brilliant! i'm really digging yer blog!