Day of the Dead DIY #11: Upholstering a Chair with Mexican Fabric

For today's DIY we took a beautiful embroidered pillowcase we had purchased on last year's trip to Chiapas and upholstered a thrifted chair with it.  Perfect for any Day of the Dead celebration, dinner party or even set up next to your altar!

What we used:
-Mexican fabric (you can use anything fabric, whether it be a tapestry, something vintage, or a pillowcover)
-an old chair (use a boring one that you want to spice up, but preferably something easy to take apart)
What we did:

1. First, we simply unscrewed the upholstered part of the chair.
2. Then, we cut out as much of the pillow cover as was needed to cover this part of the chair completely and wrap underneath it.
3. After, we wrapped our square of Mexican fabric around the existing upholstery (we left the old stuff there for extra cushioning).
4. We then hammered nails into the bottom through the new fabric so anchor the fabric in place.
5. We turned it over and sat on it, thinking happily, this is quite a comfy, Mexican-inspired chair.

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