Grupo Habita Hotels: Boca Chica

If Mad Men’s Don Draper were to vacation in Mexico, the resort would probably look something like Boca Chica in Acapulco. Boca Chica is a midcentury meets contemporary resort located across from Acapulco’s Isla de La Roqueta island, a favorite destination for tourists and locals alike. It is a unique hotel that will leave you feeling nostalgic for 50s/60s era Acapulco vacationing and loving its relaxing, modern simplicity. And needless to say it’s Acapulco, so there’s TONS to do!
Boca Chica’s thirty six rooms and suites offer different views of the surrounding area, very cool modern and retro furnishings, private balconies and gardens with hammocks to lounge on, and the usual hotel amenities.
You don’t have to venture away from Boca Chica to experience Acapulco’s beaches and nightlife. The resort has its own pool with an oceanfront view, and if that doesn’t sound appealing, you can walk down the staircase behind the restaurant to enjoy the hotel’s private beach. Boca Chica also has its own restaurant and nightclub, Cocowash, that stay true to the rest of the hotel’s retro 50s/60s vibe.

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