DIY Reversible Bag

This DIY reversible bag is a very simple DIY, even if you have very little sewing skills. You can make it as large or as small as you would like, or you can use our measurements. It’s pretty quick to make too, so you’ll have a fun multi-purpose tote in no time!
What you’ll need:
-basic knowledge of sewing with a machine or lots of patience
-2 different yards of fabric (to get the cool reversible effect)
-sewing machine (or your own hands!)
-sewing needles (and needles for leather or vinyl if using these materials for handles)
-handles (can be made from leather trim, pleather trim, or canvas trim which can be found at most fabric stores)

1. Cut a 36”x 14 ½” rectangle from your fabric (This is the main body of the bag).
2. Cut two 4 ½”x 14” rectangles for the sides of your bag.
3. Sew one side of your bag to the body, sewing right sides together and allowing ¼” for the seam. Use pins to keep the two pieces in place if needed, and gradually take them out as you sew.
4. Sew the other side on to your bag, right sides together. Now you have sewn your first bag.
5. Flip the bag inside out.
6. Begin cutting the pieces for the inside, or reversible, part of the bag. Use the same measurements.
7. Repeat the steps you used for the first bag–basically, you’re making another bag. Do not flip it inside out.
8. Instead, place your second bag inside of the first. This serves as the lining of your bag and makes your seams invisible. It also allows you to reverse the bag without any seams showing inside or out.
9. At this point, there is still fringe around the rim of your bag. Fold the top rim of your bag and sew it to hide the fringe.
10. Sew your handles inside our outside of your bag. It doesn’t matter which side you choose because the bag is reversible. You can sew these on by hand or using a machine and make them as long or short as you would like.

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