DIY Decoupaged Clay Pot

Here at Casa Artelexia, we’ve come up with a little project to help you bring your garden indoors. We’ve taken some of our own fabric and decoupaged a clay pot using mod podge. So if you need a break from the pre-summer heat, or just want to try a fun, quick project, follow these steps to creating your own colorful fabric pot. 

You’ll need:

- a basic clay pot
-mod podge
-a paintbrush

What to do:

1.     Choose the fabric you want to use for your pot
2.     Flip your pot upside down and begin brushing mod-podge onto it: mod-podge the bottom and sides
3.     Begin placing your fabric onto the pot, smoothing it out so it sticks to the mod-podge
4.     Work your way down the sides, brushing on mod-podge completely over the fabric and adhering your fabric 
5.     Flip your pot right side up, mod-podge inside of the rim and adhere the fabric approx 1-2 inches into the inside of your pot an cut.  
6.     Wait for your pot to dry!

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This DIY was inspired by Pinterest - Full tutorial here

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