Coiled Basketry DIY

What you'll need:

-rope (any thickness will do, and we used about 10 feet of rope each for our small baskets)
-a tapestry needle (which you can buy at Jo Ann Fabrics)

What to do:

1.     Cut your rope to the desired length. We used 3/8” rope for our small baskets and they measured out to about 10 feet–that should give you a good idea of the amount of rope to use.

2.     Wrap the tip of one side of your rope in tape and cut it at an angle.

3.     Cut a long piece of yarn.

4.     Line up the end of your piece of yarn with the end of your rope, so the two are side by side.

5.     Begin wrapping your rope (and the piece of yarn parallel to it) with your yarn, tightly so it covers the rope. Leave some room for the tip of the rope.

6.     Bend the rope.

7.     Wrap around the tip and work your way down the rope, for about an inch or so (or enough so that when you bend the rope again, it will be covered).

8.     Bend the rope again.

9.     Thread your needle and make your first stitch by putting the needle through the piece of rope above. These stitches will begin to hold your coil in place.

10.  Wrap your rope 2-3 times after you have pulled your first stitch through.

11.  Make another stitch, and wrap your rope 2-3 times again.

12.  Continue coiling your rope around and making your stitches.

13.  To start coiling upward, simply lay one piece of rope on top of the other and continue making your stitches as usual.

14.  To add a piece of yarn or change color you can 1) Pull your yarn through a few stitches on the rope leaving a bit of the tail behind and keep making stitches or 2) Place one end of your new piece of yarn on the rope and wrap it and continue stitching. Reminder: Make sure your next piece of yarn is manageable to use–the yarn will become knotted if it is too long.

15.  To end your basket,  wrap the end of your rope with tape, cut at an angle (or leave it alone), and hide it by wrapping it with your yarn and anchoring it in place.

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