Advent Calendar: Day 1

Yay, December is here!!  Let the countdown to Christmas begin.  One of my favorite things that I look forward to during this time of year are Advent Calendars.  They always remind me of my childhood, especially my grandmother.  She would give me one every year and it was what I looked forward to the most.  Are you familiar with them?  They are calendars that have little openings, like doors or windows, that you open each day as you count down to Christmas.  Some calendars have images, chocolates or small toys in each window making opening them something to look forward to.  I would always get the chocolate kind.  It's been years since I've had one of these and I really do miss having one.  So I've decided to do a virtual advent calendar with holiday images, crafts, tips for entertaining, yummy recipes and lots more.  Did you ever have an Advent Calendar growing up?

Day 1: My favorite ornaments from my favorite shop in NYC,  ABC Home & Carpet
Looking to make your own Advent Calendar?  Here are a few of my favorite DIY calendars from around the web.  

{Photos: Santa Ornaments, Matchboxes,  Muslin BagsBoxesLunch Bags}

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