Best Mexican Inspired Wedding Ever!

This has to be the CUTEST Mexican inspired wedding EVER!  Seriously.  These wedding photos make me want to get married again.  Luck for me that won't be happening.  I am going to have to find some grand occasion to celebrate so that we can use this theme.  I refuse to let it go unused...maybe a baby shower?  ;) No baby just yet for me but with the pastels, succulents and pan dulce, this could be turned into the sweetest celebration for a little baby.  I'm just saying....

I don't know if you know this but I am a sucker for succulents.  They are my absolute most favorite thing in the world.  They make me so so happy.  I find them fascinating and oh-so-beautiful.  Do you see how they used them in the glass cylinders with the pinto beans?  How cute, and perfectly Mexican, is that?!  The different shades of green from the succulents go so well with the pinks and oranges of the roses.
These little papel picado decorations on the cake are genius!  I don't think that I've ever seen it used but I love it.  So simple and perfect.  The touches of succulents mixed in with these sweet roses everywhere make my knees go weak.  They really do!
This bouquet is gorgeous!  And, adding the Jarritos is always a fun and colorful touch to any event.  Jarritos is a popular brand of soft drink in Mexico.  They come in fruit flavors and are more carbonated than popular soft drinks made in the U.S.  "Jarritos" means “jugs," in Spanish and refers to the Mexican tradition of drinking and other drinks in clay pottery jugs.
What a smart and budget-friendly idea to use the Terra-Cotta saucer (find them at Home Depot) as a platter for the pan dulce and cupcakes.  I am so stealing this idea for my next fiesta!  What's your favorite element from this Mexican inspired wedding?
Thank you Green Wedding Shoes for sharing such a lovely wedding with us.  To see more from Green Wedding Shoes, click here.


susie said...

how gorgeous everything looks! makes me want to get married again too (to the same husband, of course!) :)

Unknown said...

My favorite is the bouquet! It truly brought tears to my eyes. And as far as the Baby shower idea, I totally agree.