Fabric, Fabric and MORE Fabric Coming to Casa Artelexia!!!

Hello lovelies!  We, my Mother and I, have returned from our trip to the Textile Show in L.A. with lots of pictures to share with you.  You asked for fabric, and fabric is what we got.  We searched high and low to see what would be the most interesting fabrics to carry here at Casa Artelexia.  We wanted the fabric to be colorful, durable and exciting!  We already have so many ideas on how we can use this fabric...the possibilities are endless!  What do you think?  Do you like what we purchased?  Please let us know which pattern you like best so that we can make sure to have plenty of it in stock.  These fabrics will be available in-store and online within the next few weeks.  Enjoy!!

On a side note, I was very thankful and lucky this weekend. 2 Reasons - 1.  It was my parent's 30th Wedding Anniversary!  Congratulations Mom and Dad!  And do you know what my mom did on her anniversary, she accompanied me to the Textile Show so that I would not go alone.  On her Anniversary!  Aren't moms awesome?!  I am so fortunate to have amazing parents which brings me to my second reason why I was lucky this weekend  - 2. My father, and business partner, took a spill on his motorcycle while on the freeway this weekend.  Yes, on the freeway!  His motorcycle was totaled but he was okay.  Banged up and bruised, but perfectly fine considering the situation.  I thank my lucky stars that somebody was watching out for him.  It's so crazy how your life could change in a second.  Make sure you let your loved ones know just how much you love them because you never know what's around the corner.  I have lots to be thankful for and hope you do to.  Happy Tuesday!  

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Artistik-Rooms.com said...

I admire you Elexia. Your family and my family rock! 8) Your weekend sounded really fun. Glad to hear papi is doing good. Cheers!