Top 10 Lessons I Learned This Week!

This past week I was left to hold down the fort while my dad was in Mexico doing the purchasing for the store. While he was away I was left in charge to get the store ready in time for our opening - we're on a tight schedule with the holidays just around the corner. When the workers didn't show up (almost every other day due to the rain and flu), I had to jump in. This is what I learned...
1. If you see fluttering little bugs that look like ants with wings, you've just discovered termites.
2. There are 2 types of termites, subterranean (in the soil) and dry-wall. Luckily, we have both!
3. Real life termites,as opposed to cartoon termites :), take months to do any real damage. I half expected the store to disintegrate right before my eyes.
4. When you are trying to make a deadline expect delays, like 3 extra days to fumigate for termites, and several days of rain.
5. Digging up plants and grass with a 3 ft. tall gardening pick is a lot harder than it seems, and quite impossible to be ladylike while doing so.
6. Even if you wear thick leather gardening gloves, you will still get nasty blisters.
7. If you hit something hard when you are digging, it is not a treasure chest. And, if you see liquid start to come out, you have not struck oil. Unfortunately, you have found your sprinklers.
8. If you are bent over on a main street with lots of traffic you will get whistled at, even if you are in the ugliest pair of pants you own, covered in dirt, holding a gardening pick.
9. After a few days of painting and digging, expect to be very sore and in desperate need of a manicure. :)
10. Most of all, I learned that with hard work and determination, I was able to deal with whatever came my way!
Thank you for your love and support! Here are some pics of what went on this week as we prepare for our opening in January. If you would like to learn more about Project Casa Artelexia click here!



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