What are MILAGROS???

The Purpose and Meaning of Milagros

The Spanish word “milagro” literally means “miracle”. A milagro, also known as an “ex-voto” or “dijes”, is an ancient part of Hispanic folk culture. A milagro is traditionally a small votive made of either gold, silver, wood, lead, tin, or wax. The use of milagros is a religious custom in parts of North, Central and South America, as well as parts of the Iberian Peninsula. As part of a religious ritual or an act of devotion, milagros can be offered to a saint as a reminder of a petitioner’s particular need. They are normally placed by worshipers onto altars, religious shrines and on sacred objects. They are used to assist in focusing attention towards a specific ailment, based on the type of charm used. They are also offered as thanks for answered prayers, so that others can receive the benefits for their own ailments or needs.

Milagros come in many shapes, each shape representing one or more needs or prayers. For example a heart charm might represent a wish to heal a heart condition, or a hope to find romance. A leg-shaped milagros may be a wish to fix a leg ailment, or a hope to travel the world. An ear-shaped milagros may refer to a hearing problem, or a wish to be a better listener. It is up to the petitioner to decide what the Milagros represents, so the choices are limitless.

The Histroy of Milagros

The origin of Milagros is believed to have started between the 5th Century B.C. and 1st Century B.C. in the coastal regions of Iberia (modern Spain and Portugal). The use of Milagros in the New World, in particular Central and South America, started with the arrival of the Spanish.

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