Vendor of the Week - Truly one of my favorite!

Every week we go to the La Jolla Farmer's Market to sell our goods. We wake up at 4am (that's right 4am) and we head out to the market. Our truck is packed and we are excited at what the day will bring. Who will we meet, where will we be placed (location is key), how will our set-up go, and what will the customers say about our products? It is all very exciting and that's what makes it easy to wake up every Sunday at 4AM. Every week we meet new and interesting people that come to sell their goods and to buy our goods. Everyone is friendly and ready to help. Little by little this community of artists, farmers and vendors are becoming a part of our life. I LOVE all of the freshness that the market offers; the fruits, the vegetables and the flowers. You can't help but notice the colors, the smells, and the hustle and bustle of the sellers and buyers.

This week my vendor of the week to share with you is Hidalgo Flowers. I chose flowers because I believe in their power to make people happy and brighten one's day. Alfredo, the owner, will give you absolutely the best service, whether he knows you or not. He treats everyone like they are his best customer -he is gracious, outgoing and quite the charmer! I am warning you, he might want to hug you, but it's all good. Hidalgo Flowers offers a large variety of gorgeous flowers at the most affordable prices I have ever seen. Seriously, I go with $10 and get an armload of flowers to put in vases around the house, give to my friends & fam and to use as decoration when we have a dinner party. I hope you enjoy!

Happy Tuesday!

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