Oaxaca & Puebla

We are back!  Back from two weeks of rest and relaxation. It was pure and absolute magic. We ate and drank until our hearts were happy and our tummies were full. You cannot beat the flavors over there. No way, Jose. Every single place you go to is special in its own way. The people are sweet, attentive and warm. To be honest, you are kind of ruined when you get back. After a week of being home we were already dreaming to be back wandering the cobblestone streets of Oaxaca.  
Have you been to Oaxaca?  Is it on your bucket list?  Let us know if you are interested because we are thinking of returning in the summer and taking a few of you with us. I mean, if you like visiting beautiful places, eating amazing food and having loads of fun. Our plan is to go for 7-8 days to eat, drink, take cooking classes and do some shopping. If this is up your alley, shoot us an email!

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