Oaxaca, Here We Come!

Yes, it's true!  We are headed down to Oaxaca for a belated honeymoon (yay!!).  It will be 2 weeks of eating, drinking, shopping and cooking!!  Thanks to some recommendations from many of you on Facebook and Oaxaca expert, Lola, we have a list a mile long of restaurants to visit, foods to try, Mezcal to sample and cooking classes to take. Follow along on Instagram  as we will be documenting the whole trip.  Well, not the whole trip. ;)  

Have any recommendations?  Requests?  I'd love to hear!! 
Images from my 2012 buying trip

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lidia said...

have fun! one of my new year resolutions is to explore Oaxaca! my sister went last year and fell in love. I recently watched a little documentary video on the food there and I haven't stopped dreaming of Oaxaca.