The "Dome Lady" by Beverly Magennis

Artist Beverly Magennis' colorful guest house–complete with a kitchen and sleeping area–is more than just a place to house visitors. Actually, it doesn't quite fit the profile of a "house" at all. The 26' tall "Dome Lady" is shaped like a tall woman and one of the artist's many works of mosaic art that reflect the creative aesthetic of New Mexico and Mexico (I'm sensing a bit of Frida inspired flair here too!).

The "Dome Lady" stands on Magennis' former Apache Creek property in New Mexico, hands on her hips, and head looking over the grass. Her head and torso sit atop a large skirt covered in a row of smaller mosaic ladies, bright birds, and filigreed flowers.
And besides the dome's carefully constructed tile exterior, the inside was also a labor of love. It was constructed using unique building techniques and features a brick floor,  mosaic art, and a "rug" that perfectly complete this lovely lady abode.

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