Day of the Dead DIY #21: Embroidered Felt Sugar Skull

For DOD DIY #21, we'll be creating small felt sugar skulls, also a workshop we offer here at Casa Artelexia!

What you'll need:
-one of our felt sugar skull DIY kits (buy it here or come into Casa Artelexia every Saturday from 12-4 for our workshop!)
-embroidery thread

What to do:

1. Cut a long piece of embroidery floss (over a foot long) and knot the end. You'll begin by taking one side of your felt skull and attaching the eyes, nose, flowers, and mouth first. Do this before you attach the two sides together.
2. Begin sewing by bring your needle up the back of the skull's face, and then back down through whichever piece you are attaching first. Bring your needle up and down until the piece is anchored onto the face, and then move on to the next piece.
3. For the mouth, you will also come up with your needle through the back of the face and create a few horizontal stitches. Create a few vertical stitches to complete the mouth.

4. Now you can begin attaching both sides together. For this part, cut a new, very long piece of embroidery thread (this will allow you to stitch around the entire skull without running out of thread).
5. You'll use the blanket stitch to embroider the pieces together: Come up through the back of the two pieces with your needle.
6. Come back down next to the place where you came up, and before you pull all the way through, take your needle and thread through the stitch.
7. Come back down next to the stitch you just created, and repeat.
8. Stuff your skull with fluff before you sew it completely and glue the sequins onto the eyes.

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