Day of the Dead DIY #4: Fabric Covered Light Switch Plates

DoD DIY #4 is a very unique take on Dia De Los Muertos decor. We've taken light switch plates and covered them with Day of the Dead themed fabric using Mod Podge!
Here's what you'll need:
-a jar of mod podge
-a paintbrush
-Day of the Dead fabric (buy it here)
-some light switch plates

What to do:
1. Position fabric the way you want the images to show on top of your light switch plate.
2.Apply mod podge to your light switch plate.

3. Cut a slit in the center of the piece you will be placing on the plate (this will allow you to cut out the area where the actual light switch will show through).
4. Adhere the fabric to the plate, wrapping the excess fabric around the entire plate (this way all sides are completely covered).
5. Wait until the podge dries and begin cutting off excess fabric from the back.
6. Cut a rectangle out from the center (the slit makes this simple).
7. Punch tiny holes in the fabric where the actual holes in the plate are.
8. Screw your new DoD plate onto your light switch!

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