Grupo Habita Hotels: Downtown Mexico

Hotel Downtown Mexico is like many of Grupo Habita’s hotels in Mexico: a beautiful colonial building given a new life as a contemporary hotel. But Downtown Mexico is smack dab in the middle of Mexico City’s Centro Historico, a neighborhood surrounded by colonial buildings originally built atop the Aztec remains of Tenochtitlan.

Hotel Downtown Mexico is located inside the Palacio de Los Condes de Miravalle, one of these historic buildings. A vacation here gives you a front row seat to a World Heritage Site, and the enchanting center of Mexico City.
Hotel Downtown Mexico offers several different rooms and suites, with views of either the street or the hotel courtyard. Rooms are relaxing, and designed for simplicity, however the high ceilings and brick walls remain as a nod to the colonial Palacio.

Each of the hotel’s courtyards are unique, some offering views of the city and other colonial buildings. One in particular actually has an entire wall covered in vines and plants manicured to look like a bike path, and they’ve even stuck a real bicycle on the wall! You’ll get a 360 degree view of Centro Historico as you lounge by the pool and bar on the rooftop too.

The hotel is filled with remnants of the former Palacio, including a mural from the early 1900s in front of the staircase by Mexican artist Manuel Rodriguez Lozano, and a very cool old elevator that appears as though it still works.

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