DIY Father's Day Piñata

Instead of just buying Dad a tie this Father’s Day, why not make him a tie piñata? And what better way to pay homage to those Dad-like mustaches than to make him a mustache piñata? We’ve got some easy to follow DIY instructions for you to create the perfect Father’s Day gift and fill it with things Dad loves!

What you’ll need:

1.     Find a few large pieces of cardboard and draw a design.
2.     Cut out your design.
3.     Place your cutout onto another piece of cardboard. Trace around that shape to create an identical shape.
4.     Measure around the perimeter of your shape with a string. This will tell you how long the sides need to be.
5.     Use your string to measure out the piece(s) of cardboard you will cut for the siding. Cut out pieces for the siding.
6.     Begin taping the siding to one of your shapes. Use short strips of tape to do this.
7.     Tape the other side on top.
8.     Begin cutting pieces of crepe paper to place on your piñata. Cut “fringe along the bottom of your strips of paper.

9.     Use a glue stick to start gluing streamer strips onto your piñata. This works best if you start from the bottom up, gluing one strip on first and placing the next on top and so on.
10.  Cut a small opening in your piñata to fill it with goodies.

And there you have it! A unique, fun present for Dad that isn’t just a tie. Happy Father’s Day!

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