Deliciosa Agua Fresca

As we’ve been running back and forth (literally running) at Casa Artelexia working on different projects, we’ve begun to notice something: it’s hot in here!

Our beautiful city is heating up for the summer, and we’ve created an “almost summer” watermelon and canary melon agua fresca to beat the heat. Agua Fresca (or “fresh water”) is a popular drink in Mexico that can be made from a medley of different fruits, grains, and herbs. Our recipe is a mix of watermelon, canary melon, mint, and limes. Here’s what you’ll need:

- 1 watermelon
- 1 canary melon
- 5 large limes
- 1 bunch of mint

After scooping out the fruit and peeling the limes, put them in a juicer altogether with the mint leaves. You do not need to add any sugar or water. If you do not have a juicer, simply throw the prepared ingredients into a blender, and enjoy! You have fresh agua fresca.  

TIP - Turn this tasty drink into an adult beverage by adding a shot of your favorite tequila or vodka.  For an extra kick, rim the glass with tajin - you won't be sorry!!

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