Don't You Just LOVE Mexican Art?!?!

Hello!  I thought that I would brighten up your slightly chilly and overcast San Diego day with these colorful pictures from around the store.  Hope you like them! 

People always love this Day of the Dead version of Frida Kahlo because as you can see she is "blessed" in the bosom department.  Her teeth, not so much.

I love this handmade fabric doll of Frida Kahlo and think that it would be so cute in a children's room.  One day, if and when I have a child, I want his or her room to be eclectic and would probably have a lot of handmade pieces from around the world like this one.  

Milagros hearts are perfect for any occasion.  Truly one of my favorite pieces that we carry and the only thing that I have in my home from the store.

This little Day of the Dead figurine always make me think of Guns' n Roses.

I think that I am going to enlarge this picture as part of my security "system" and add the words "I'm Watching YOU.  Don't Steal!"  What do you think?  Too much??? :) 

I love this sweet little nicho with a "non-typical" image of the Virgin of Guadalupe.  It makes me think of  "The Shack" written by William P. Young, where God presents himself in a "non-typical" form to a man in need. 

Who doesn't love a coconut head!

This image makes me long for summer, a good vacation, some mariachi music and a margarita. 

I'm absolutely in LOVE with images of the Virgin of Guadalupe.  I find them to be so beautiful and calming.  I've even decided to create a line of handmade cards with her image which we will start carrying in the store.  

Hope you liked the pictures from Casa Artelexia.  Mi Casa Es Su Casa!


Elsie said...

I adore Mexican art; I find I can relate so well to the images. Ofte, they can make me cry or laugh or just smile, because it is so beautiful. I especially appreciate Frida Kahlo and the Virgen de Guadalupe. I think it's truly awesome that you are going to be making greeting cards with La Virgen, so special.

Viva Cindy said...

I too love Mexican art. I really love everything Mexican.period. I even married a Mexican. We will be in San Diego for three weeks (visiting family) and I am for sure going to stop in your store. I found you through BYW!!!

Artelexia said...

@Elise I agree, I am surrounded by these images all day long in my store and I can't help but smile all the time.

@Cindy I've actually read your blog, Viva Cindy! I've followed some of your travels through Mexico via your blog. Hopefully you get a chance to come into the store when you are in town - I would love to meet you!