Alicia'sDelicias Pan Dulce Cookie Workshop at Casa Artelexia

Join us for a Pan Dulce Cookie Workshop with Alicia’sDelicias at Casa Artelexia on April 23rd from 10-1pm. After our class we'll enjoy some lunch, drinks, and a little Q&A with Alicia.

What you’ll learn:
You’ll make 6 pan dulce cookies – 3 conchas (Pink, Brown and White), 1 pan de muerto, 1 novia, and 1 sprinkle galleta.
Alicia will teach you her tips and tricks to working with and applying fondant to cookies, sculpting with fondant, and painting on fondant. 

What you’ll leave with:
6 Pan dulce cookies, 1 of Alicia’sDelicias Concha Cookie Cutter Set which includes 2 custom 3D printed cookie cutters, and a few other fun goodies!

Purchase Tickets: $85

Check out AliciasDelicias page and follow her on Instagram @aliciasdelicias!

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